Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Joe Aloha Boys!!!

About a month ago Cody has a baseball tournament in Kona. It was really fun. The team was Joe Aloha Boys. They won all there games but they only played a couple games. During our stay we hung out at the pools alot and beach! I think that will be our only vacation this year sad to say! Anyways it was a nice bonding experience for everyone!

Keely and her friend Mahina

Boys will always be boys....... Messing with the pretty fish!
Krysta passed out after that long 45 minute plane ride

Hanging out in the van

Last night ..... at the waikaloa resort having dinner

Swimming in the nice pool aaaahhhhh!

Gettin ready to play

We all had nice green t-shirts too!!!

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy birthday Keely girl!

I feel so old! My baby just turned 5 (well not just) and happy but I'm sad. She is no longer a little girl but is now my little lady. We asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday and she wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese. So that's what we did.

All our family came.

But poor Bela was so terrified of Chuck E. She had coniption fit!
That's me laughing in the should have seen her face.

Keely & the kids played games..

danced with Chuck E. and his crew..

Keely mad a wish, blew out her candles & ate yummy cake..

Took a picture with Chuck E..

And opened LOTS of good presents.

By the end of the night we were all tired and wanted to go home. But we all had a very grand 'ole time! Happy Birthday Keely Beely Girl! We are so blessed to have you in our lives and can't imagine life without you. We love you soooooooooo much!!!

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy 11th birthday!...

My big girl is almost a young woman! Krysta turned 11 on the 23rd of February. I know it's like May now but I have had.....still have computer issues but hopefully we'll get a new one very soon.
Krysta had two celebrations this year. On her actual birthday she wanted to go to Dave & Buster's. A restaurant/bar/game area all in one. Each were on a different floor. So we ate at the restaurant and went to the 2nd floor to play the games. She had so much fun playing with her cousins, and running a muck. I think they played almost every game in there. After winning all that they could she got some prizes from the prize room. All in all it was a successful night.
Then that following saturday we went bowling at Hickam and she had a girlfriend from school come. We kind of sent the invites out late so pretty much no one could come except one. She didn't mind though. Everyone had fun! We bowled, laughed, teased each others bowling technique, ate cake, and went home tired. A very good birthday if you ask me.

This is how Krysta bowl's. What a granny! Look at that form!

Getting ready to sing happy birthday.

Krysta and her cousins Liana & Hailey.

We were all the way at the end so we didn't bother anyone.

Dave & Buster's night.
The babies had a GREAT time!
Happy birthday Krysta! We hope you enjoyed both your celebrations. We love you so much and want you to know that we will always be there for you. You have grown into such a beautiful young lady and dad and I are very proud of the person you are becoming and all that you have accomplished. You are so sweet and appreciate everything you do to help us.
We love you!
~love, your family

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Kai's world...

So obviously this post is about the little man in my life, my BIG boy Kai, that always has to be around his mommy. He is now 7 1/2 months old and weighs about 23 pounds.....give or take a few ounces! As you can see from the pictures below he is as solid as can be. Make no mistake he loves his food and snacks in between plus eating when ever anyone around has food in there hands. He is my big boy but I love his chubby, squishy self. He can now roll over, pull himself up to stand when he is sitting and doesn't quite crawl yet but he is getting there. A coupe more weeks maybe. He talks a lot and tells me all about his day. He has an infectuous smile that melts my heart. He loves his saucer and loves to jump. He is very much attached to me. I can't leave the room without him crying, but as soon as I come back he smiles and I can't help but to smile back no matter how tired or runned down I am. I LOVE MY KAI BOY!

Here he is playing at my sister's house in her son's ball pit. He loved it at first but then wasn't sure what to do. I think he started sinking in the balls and that probably wasn't to comfortable or secure for him.

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All about the Code-ster...

This is not Chalei posting. I am her sister Keli...whom she wanted to say was the best-est sister ever in the world (Ooooo did that hurt? I think my head may have come out of the screen..Ha ha ha...LOL!). Since there are computer issues happening in their household she asked if I could do a couple of posts for her it goes.

As you may or may not know, Cody is playing baseball for the Pirates! Their team is not the greatest (I don't know if they've won a game yet.) but he has fun and loves what he does. He plays many different positions and is very good. According to mommy and daddy he's the best one on the team, but since he can't do it by himself, the team doesn't win many games....if any.

Cody running to first base, the Ryan is the coach that stands there telling them when to run.

He plays catcher sometimes and I must say he looks cute in the whole catcher get up. I think looks more "official."

Getting ready to catch the ball.

Here is an action shot, or lack there of, of Cody getting ready to hit the ball. I think this one he hit a double if i'm not mistaken. (Double meaning he ran to 2nd base.)
All in all the family (grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins) looks forward to attending Cody's games. It's a lot of fun, especially when you can get everyone together to enjoy a day out! And getting a tan at the same time doesn't hurt either.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

How time flies by...

So I know I'm posting late, but better late than never!
Happy New Year 2009! Hope you all had a great New Year celebration cause we certainly did. We went to my sister's house in Ewa Beach and had dinner. Then we lounged around talking and hanging out till about 9 o'clock. We started popping fireworks around 9-ish till midnight. As you can see it was time for CHEERS! We had all kinds of fireworks. From sparklers to ariels in the sky! It was great and everyone had a blast!
Gosh Cody...that's some strong apple cider!

Keely girl having fun with the morning glories.


Merry Christmas 2008! Christmas this year was held at my sister U'i's house in Kaneohe. She lives on a mountain and has a gorgeous view of the ocean through her living room window. To bad you can't see it. We had yummy heavy pupu's (finger food for those of you who are wondering), and a new puch that my sister discovered. We did our gift exchange (secret santa's for adults and kids), and boy was there a mess everywhere! Paper was flying, bows were ripped and boxes were thrown aside as kids were hurrying to the next present! I think everyone was pretty pleased at the presents they received.

My wonderful sisters and sister-in-law.


Like father like son.

Kai's first Christmas!
(41/2 months)

The kids before opening presents.

Some of the cousins at Aunty Laurens house for Christmas party dinner.

Kanai, Kenui and Julian!

Me and Camille!

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