Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Joe Aloha Boys!!!

About a month ago Cody has a baseball tournament in Kona. It was really fun. The team was Joe Aloha Boys. They won all there games but they only played a couple games. During our stay we hung out at the pools alot and beach! I think that will be our only vacation this year sad to say! Anyways it was a nice bonding experience for everyone!

Keely and her friend Mahina

Boys will always be boys....... Messing with the pretty fish!
Krysta passed out after that long 45 minute plane ride

Hanging out in the van

Last night ..... at the waikaloa resort having dinner

Swimming in the nice pool aaaahhhhh!

Gettin ready to play

We all had nice green t-shirts too!!!

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CHELZERS said...

So cute! I can't believe how big and grown up everyone is! And you have another adorable chunker on your hands! I can't stand how cute.

Have a great rest of the week!!

Kahana & U'i said...

oh my gosh what cuuuute pictures! & the one of you and ryan? ya'll look awfully cozy :) looks nice! love you!

Airi said...

Hey there Kobayashi ohana!
Just linked on through Sarah's blog...hope you don't mind! I try to keep up with the blogging when I can. You sure to a great job at it! We moved in to Kaimuki and you guys moved out...bummer! Well, tell Keely we sure miss her in class. I'm actually moving to Young Women's now. Hope to see your cute faces some time at Kaimuki ward! Hope you all have a great relaxing summer!