Monday, December 15, 2008

Well it's been about 3 months since I last posted and alot has happened! I'm so horrible with trying to keep up on my blog. Anyway in early october I went to Sacramento for a quick visit. Thanks to Rachel & Matt for letting me stay with them...Love you guys!! It was nice to see old friends and go out to dinner with the girls. It seemed like nothing had changed and felt as if I had never left!! It was good to be back.

At Halloween we all met at my sisters house. The theme for adults was 80's . It was pretty funny. The cousin girls were pirates, Cody was something with a mask, keely was sleeping beauty, and Kai was a little vampire.... Very Cute!!
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Mberenis said...

Your blog is loading very slow for me and maybe other readers. You should check it with an internet speed test.

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Johnson Family said...

Okay not a fan of my pic up there....but loved having you here. I miss you and wish you still lived by me. Keep posting!:) Loving it.

CHELZERS said...

yay! So glad you posted! But I'm with Rach--that could be the worst pic of me I've ever seen...well, not ever--but it may be top 6...
But it was a great night and it was so fun to hang out! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

Gil, Keli and Dezi said...

Yay! You finally posted. I'm so proud. And your empty space is nothing compared to mine.